Thindal Murugan Temple, Erode

Thindal Sri Velayudha Swamy Temple in Erode

Thindal Murugan Temple also called Arulmigu Velayutha Swamy Thirukovil in Erode, is one of the very famous places of worship in Tamil Nadu. The primary deity in this temple is Lord Murugan. The temple is situated on the small hill rock called the Thindal Malai, 8 kilometres from Erode bus stand on the Perundurai road.

History of Thindalmalai Murugan Temple

Thindal is one of the 24 countries in ancient Kongunadu. Kongunadu ruled then by Chera Kings, had been divided for ruling convenience in the past. The Thindal Murugan Temple is built in Dravidian architecture. Of the 108 temples of Lord Murugan praised in the celebrated Tirupugazh hymns of Sage Arunagiriar, Thindalmalai Murugan Temple is one.

According to the history of the temple, the place Poondurai in Erode was affected by drought. Elaborate prayers were offered by the farmers to Idumban to get them the grace of Lord Murugan. Following this, out came rains and the place became fertile again. The traditional ritual of seeking Idumban’s grace for fertility still continues.

Unique Features of Thindalmalai Murugan Temple

  • The temple houses a golden temple chariot car which is used to carry out ceremonial processions holding images of Gods.
  • The temple premises has two parts – the places above the rock is called Maelthindal or Thindalmedu and the eastern side of the hill rock is called the keel thindal.
  • The temple conducts a number of pujas (offering to the God) for various purposes including marriage, progeny etc.
  • Panguni Uthiran is the major festival that is celebrated in the temple every year. Thousands of pilgrims come from across the southern parts of India in order to attend the festival.
  • The Deepa Sthamba (lamp post) adds a special attraction to the temple with its Kongu region type of design. The pillar is adorned by various religious sculptures
  • A beautiful arch at the outset of national highway welcomes the devotees to the temple. The arch is bedecked with artistic paintings of many Gods.

Other deities and locations found in the temple are as follows:

  • Arasamarathu Vinayagar – As tradition goes, Lord Ganesha is the first deity in the temple premises. This temple was constructed 40 years and deity here is named as Arasamarathu Vinayagar. The temple finds its place below a peepal tree (Arasamaram in Tamil) and is surrounded with Snake God (Naagar in Tamil).
  • Siddhi Vinayagar – The Siddhi Vinayagar shrine is surrounded by two Snake Gods or Naagars. At this place devotees can find the idol of Velayudhaswamy in the front Mandap.
    From here onwards start the steps climbing that leads to the main shrine. The hill rock consists of 150 steps in all with a height of 60 metres.
  • Idumban Sannadhi – Few steps from the entrance is the Idumban Sannadhi. This deity is also known by the names Idumbakkumaran and Idunbasan.
  • Sri Velayuthaswamy Shrine – Above the hill rock is where Sri Velayuthar shrine is located. To the left of main deity is the Uchava Moorthy statue where Lord Murugan is with Valli and Deivanai.
  • The Thannasi cave is located on the north western side of the temple. On the event of Karthikai festival, special poojas are performed in Thannasi Siddhar Cave.
  • Reaching the Sanctum Sanctorum, devotees feel the divinity of Lord Murugan holding his ‘Vel’ (weapon) and seek his blessings.
  • Theertha Sunai, a sweet spring is found on the north east side of the hill. The water of this holy spring is used for abhishekam of Lord Murugan and for the devotees to quench their thirst.

Festivals in Thindalmalai Murugan Temple

Kandha Shasti, Thirukarthigai, Thai Poosam and Panguni Uthiram are the major festivals which are attended by pilgrims. Chitra Pournami, Vaikasi Festival, Aadi Perukku, Aadi Karthigai, Kandha Shasti, Markazhi Pooja are some of the other noted festivals observed in the temple.

Temple Timings – Thindalmalai Murugan Temple

Pujas are performed thrice a day in the temple. The timings of which are as follows:

  • Morning – 7:00 AM
  • Noon – 12:00 PM
  • Evening – 6:00 PM

The temple is open from 6:30 AM to 12:30 PM and 4:00 PM to 8:30 PM and from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM on all festival days. Annadhanam is provided at 12.30 pm to devotees every day. The Golden Chariot procession or ‘Thangaratham Ulla’ is conducted everyday at 7:00 PM. The price for conducting the procession is Rs. 1500.

How to reach Thindalmalai Murugan Temple

The temple is located at a distance of 8 kilometres from Erode junction. It is easily accessible by road from Erode and Trichy. Nearest bus terminal is at Thindal and nearest railway station is Erode Junction. Coimbatore International Airport is the nearest airport.