Mettur Dam, Mettur hydroelectric plant, Ellis Park

Mettur Dam situated in Salem is one of the largest dams in India and is the largest dam as far as Tamil Nadu is concerned.

With a capacity of 93tmcft, it caters to the water needs of Tamil Nadu for drinking and other purposes. Constructed across the river Cauvery, in the year 1935, it creates the Stanley reservoir and the construction of the dam took 9 long years to be completed. Maximum height and width of the Dam are 214 and 171 feet respectively.

Maximum storage height is 120 feet. With all that, Mettur dam has two hydroelectric power stations which are big and was constructed during the British rule and the other one was constructed by the Indian Republic.

The dam is surrounded by hills, a park called the Ellis Park etc., which has made the place the best place to visit in Salem.

Hogenakal falls is close to this Dam. Mettur Dam is two times larger than the KRS dam located in Karnataka that was built by Sir M. Vishveswaraiah. Visit the place and explore the area for your reviews. If you visit during the monsoon season, you can spend more time to see around.

Mettur Dam Park

Mettur Park is located below the foot of the Mettur dam. Maintenance is very good, more games there and Kids will love it.

Mukkombu is a picnic spot that is situated about 18kms away from Trichy. Cauvery river splits into Cauvery & Kollidam at this place.

This is a place which has everything to entertain a family namely a theme park, children’s park, sports center, etc because of which, people considers this place to be the best place to visit.

The dam is a great place for sightseeing and has lot of food items and food stalls.

This place has a small toy train, some joy rides for kids and a small island in the middle of the river.

Beware of monkeys. Few of them snatching food from various visitors.

It is open for people on all days including public holidays from 10 AM-5 PM.