Velliangiri Hills Temple, Coimbatore

Velliangiri Hills temple is located 40kms away from Coimbatore and is a whopping height of 6000ft. This hill temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Since, mythologically, Shiva roamed around the hills and hence it is called as Kailash mountain on earth. It is believed that Lord Shiva could not come on time to marry Goddess Parvathi because of the trick played by the people of the mountains.

So, Parvati was angry and stood as it is and now she is known as Kanyakumari. Lord Shiva can be seen on the top of the hill. A very popular spot at Kovai.

Make sure you visit the place when you are in Coimbatore. Trekking is not easy here. You have a proper plan and timing for trekking.