Veerapandi Gowri Mariamman Temple – Theni

Veerapandi Gowri Mariamman Temple

Veerapandi Gowri Mariamman Temple is located in the district of Theni, at a distance of around 80 kilometres from Madurai. The temple was built by the Pandya king Veera Pandi during his reign in the 14​th​ century. The temple is around 200 years old. The Goddess in the temple is Swayambhu i.e the shrine is self-manifested.


According to the legend associated with the temple, it is said that in the ancient days the Ruler of this region was affected with an eye disease. He underwent all kinds of treatments, but he couldn’t recover. Finally, by following the suggestion from a sage, he started worshipping Gowriamman and Kanneswaramudaiyar. And miraculously, his eyes were cured. He later built a temple dedicated to these two Gods.

Temple Timings – Veerapandi Gowri Mariamman Temple

The temple is open to devotees on all days from 5:00 AM to 12:00 PM and from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Veerapandi Gowri Mariamman Temple Festivals

Chithirai Gowriamman festival is a yearly festival celebrated in the Tamil month of Chitirai (April-May). This festival is celebrated for 8 days and is a divine sight to behold. Special poojas to the Goddess are performed during the months of Vaikasi Visagam (May-June), Vinayaka Chaturthi (August-September), Deepavali (October-November), Karthigai Deepam (November-December), Margazhi Danur Pooja (December-January), Panguni Uthiram (March-April).

Devotees carrying fire pots in their palms (called Agni Chatti) and preparing dough lamp (called Maavizhakku) are the famous rituals at the temple.

How to reach Veerapandi Gowri Mariamman Temple

Regular buses are available from Madurai. Madurai Railway Station is the nearest station to the temple. The nearest airport is also at Madurai.