Thanjavur District

Thanjavur District
The district of Thanjavur lies in the east coast of Tamil Nadu, and is bounded by Nagapattinam District on the north east, Palk Street of Bay of Bengal on the south, Tiruvarur District on the east, Pudukottai and Thiruchirapalli on the wast and by Kollidam on the north that separates it with parts of Ariyalur and Thiruchirapalli districts.

Thanjavur District is located in the delta of Cauvery River with its headquarters in Thanjavur. Thanjavur is called the “Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu” as it is the main rice producing region of the state. The district is mostly agrarian with River Cauvery and its tributaries irrigating the region. Thanjavur marks its significance with its temples, culture, history and architecture.

Tourist Attractions Thanjavur District

  • Brihadeeshwarar Temple, Thanjavur
  • Airavateswara Temple, Kumbakonam
  • Thanjavur Maratha Palace
  • Saraswathi Mahal Library
  • Swami Malai Temple, Thanjavur
  • Vasishteswarar Temple, Thittai

How to reach Thanjavur

Road – Thanjavur is well connected by road with all major cities in the state. Frequent buses are available for travelling in and around Thanjavur.

Rail – Thanjavur is connected directly by rail with many other districts that include Tiruchirapalli, Chennai, Thiruvarur, Nagore, Coimbatore, Tirupathi, Madurai, Ernakulam and to other places like Ernakulam, Goa, Mysore and Bhuvaneswar.

Air – Tiruchirapalli is the nearest Airport, around 61 kilometres away.