Kanjamalai Siddhar Temple, Salem

Kalangi Siddhar Temple

Siddhar Temple or Siddeshwara temple is located at about a distance of 12kms towards the west direction of Salem. It is a small village where the shrine of Siddhar, also called as Kalangi Nathar is placed.

Kalangi Nathar is believed to be the guru of Bhogar and their relationship as the Guru and disciple was very much admirable. Kalangi Nathar was also called as Kanjamalai Siddhar. Here. “Kanjam” means Gold, copper, and Iron and “Malai” means hill. It is a popular pilgrimage spot and special pooja is done on all full moon days and new moon days.

The temple is associated with prominent Siddhars namely seven of them those include: Indran, Soman, Rudhran, Kanduru, Brahman, Kanjamalaiyan and Kalangi Nathar.

The temple is in the foothills and is surrounded by various herbs that has curative properties. People take a dip in the water running there and consider it to be holy. It is believed that Kalangi Nathar went to China to spread the Knowledge of Yoga and Acupuncture.

Later, he took Jeeva Samadhi at Kancheepuram. If you visit Salem, please visit the temple for a new experience.