Ripon Building Chennai

Ripon Building Chennai

Ripon Building, Chennai

The magnificent white color building was commissioned in 1913 and was built by Loganatha Muthaliyar which took 4 years to complete. The inaugural function was huge and massive which was attended by around 3000 elite people of the city. It was beautiful in the structure in white color.

The tower in the middle of the building with the clock is remarkable. The building is constructed with stock bricks and roof is made of teak wood and marble flooring to add grace. It is more than 100 years old building located near Central railway station. The pure white color building is one of the architectural masterpieces.

It is the seat of the Chennai Corporation and generally, entry is restricted. A new block has been constructed, to look like the original, but with all the glass facade, it cannot dream of being a clone.

It is now renovated after metro work. It looks like a white palace with a beautiful garden. Must visit place for architecture lovers.