Pichavaram Mangrove Forest

Pichavaram village is located in Cuddalore District in Tamil Nadu, between the Vellar estuary in the north and Coleroon estuary in the south. Pichavaram embodies a vast number of islands (almost 40) scattered around a massive stretch of water covered with mangrove forest. Pichavaram Mangrove Forest is the second largest mangrove forest in the world spread across a massive 1100 hectares of area. Explore the pristine aura of nature at Pichavaram amidst forests, wildlife and backwaters.

Unique attributes of Pichavaram Mangrove Forest

  • An adventure assured place, Pichavaram is a must visit spot for nature lovers and adventure seekers.
  • The mangroves at Pichavaram have a unique ability to endure salt water owing to its aerial roots, thereby making the coastal forest luscious and a haven for birds.
  • The forest has mangrove trees like Avicennia and Rhizophara that remain rooted in water.
  • Tourists can engage themselves with boating, fishing, and a lot of other recreational activities.
  • Pichavaram Forest is rich in avifauna, one can spot an array of birds. Some of the rare varieties of birds include pelicans, spoonbills, snipes and storks.
  • Pichavaram with its distinct environmental condition, supports the existence of many rare species of shell and finfishes.
  • The backwater rides in the mangrove forest offers a mesmerizing experience.
  • A biosphere in itself, Pichavaram Mangrove Forest is one of the unique Eco-tourism spots in South India.
  • Revel in the serenity of the woods while you travel into the mangrove-alley, a narrow path going into the forest. You are sure to enjoy the tranquility of the place.

Best time to visit Pichavaram Mangrove Forest

Pichavaram is a year-round destination, although it’s not preferable to visit during summer. The ideal time would be to visit during the months of September to February.

Pichavaram boating price

The boating charges is around Rs. 185 per hour for 2 persons and Rs. 280 per hour for 4 persons. PFB the detailed price list for boating.

Places to visit near Pichavaram

Below is a list the places of interest near Pichavaram:

Name of the place Distance (in Kilometres)
Parangipet Marine Biology Institute 7 kms
Parangipet Light House 7 kms
Thillai Kali Temple 13 kms
Annamalai University 13 kms
Chidambaram Natarajar Temple 14 kms
Bhuvanagiri Ragavendra Temple(Birth Place) 14 kms
Sirkali Temple 20 kms
Vaitheeswaran Koi 34 kms
Vaitheeswaran Koil 38 kms
Sri Mushnam Temple 45 kms
Vadalur Sathya Gnana Sabha (Cuddalore) 50 kms
Poompuhar 53 kms
Thiruvanthipuram Temple 60 kms
Devanampattinam Silver Beach 63 kms
Thiruvakkarai Fossil Park 72 kms
Tranquebar Fort 80 kms

How to reach Pichavaram Mangrove Forest?

Pichavaram is well connected to nearby cities. There are frequent buses from Chidambaram to Pichavaram. The nearest railway station from Pichavaram is at Chidambaram (about 20 kilometres). Pondicherry is the nearest airport (around 75 kilometres), Trichy Airport (168 kilometres).