Pachamalai Hills – Trichy

Pachamalai Hills is located at Thuraiyur, Trichy. As the name suggests, the literal meaning of the name will be Pachai meaning ‘green’ and Malai meaning ‘Hill’.

Located at a height of about 500 to 1000mts from the ground level, pachaimalai has many animals, birds, and butterflies for animal lovers.

Then for nature lovers, it has two rivers namely Kallar and Sweata flowing here and waterfalls like Mangalam Aruvi, Koraiyar Falls, and Mayil Uthu Falls also flow here.

If you love to trek, this is the best place to go on trekking. Small towns namely Thuraiyur, Esanai, Elambalur, Perambalur, Gangavalli, Thammampatti, Arumbavur, Malayalappatti, Thedavur, and Uppiliapuram surrounds the hill and we can witness the rich culture of the local tribal people. This happens to be the best tourist spot of Trichy.