Napier bridge Chennai

Napier bridge in Chennai, built over Coovam river connects Fort St. George with Marina beach with span of 138m long. named after a Governor of Madras, Francis Napier.

The People of Chennai call it “Irumbu Varavadhi”. It is the oldest tied-arch structural bridge. The bridge is visible from Air when the plane approaches from the seaside and looks beautiful at night when it is fully lit.

It provides a gateway to the famous Marina Beach, the bridge now forms a striking image at night to re-enforce the efforts towards developing the city’s urban nightscape.

We can enjoy the breathtaking cityscape crystal clear view of Chennai from here. As part of the Marina Beach beautification project, special lights have been fixed beneath the bridge providing a visual effect as if the bridge is floating on the river water. A combination of lighting effects has been created on the arches and surface. It is being the prime icon of the city.