Mookaneri Lake, Salem

Mookaneri Lake is situated at Kannankurichi, Salem. Also called Kannankurichi Lake. Just a couple of kilometers from the city.

In Salem, this has become the main tourist spot. This place is a home for many birds and plants. Beautiful lake with mountains in the background

Surrounded by many plants, the lake has park and seating arrangements made for visitors to comfortably enjoy the visit.

There are proper parking facilities here. Since, it is not too far off from the city limits, it attracts many tourists every year.

People from Hasthampatti can just walk down to the lake without incurring much cost to enjoy nature and be there for a while.

Fishing activity is encouraged here and we can see people buying fish during the weekends here.

This lake is renovated by Salem people and NGO. Really a good initiative by Salem people to renovate this lake.