Meghamalai – Highwavys Mountains

Meghamalai is a mountain range situated in the Western Ghats in Theni District of Tamil Nadu. It is also called the Hignwavys Mountains, the term ‘Highwavys’ being derived to describe the steep and undulating mountain ranges. As the name suggests, Meghamalai is invariably a place where the clouds meet the mountains. It marks natural beauty surrounded by tea and coffee plantations and varieties of flora and fauna.

Tourist Attractions in Meghamalai

Meghamalai Falls

Meghamalai Falls also called the Clouds Land Falls are round-the-year falls that do not run dry. The falls descends in two separate places from the stream Suruli Theetham that originates from the hills. Spotting wild animals such as elephants, guar, spotted deer and other dwellers of the forest is not very uncommon.

Meghamalai Tea Estates

Large tea estates, coffee plantations and spice garden could be found in abundance in the Meghamalai region. The Highwavys Estates is a tea plantation run by the Woodbriar Group. Highwavys is the ideal viewpoint for a wonderful view of the Varusanadu Hills.

Meghamalai Dams

Six dams originate from Meghamalai Mountains, most popular of them being the Suruli Theertham. Manalar Dam offers a breathtaking view of the Cumbum Valley and distant villages in Theni District. Highway Point Dam is another important landmark.

Meghamalai Forests

Meghamalai forests in all its wilderness is home to exotic birds, flora and mammal life. Meghamalai has been declared as a protected area by the Government of Tamil Nadu owing to its quintessential wildlife.


Vellimalai or the Silver Mountain is situated in the heart of Meghamalai at about 1650 metres above sea level. This place is where the Vaigai River originates. It is a lovely place to experience the natural bounties that Meghamalai has to offer in the form of tea gardens and rare species of fauna.

Things to do in Meghamalai

Meghamalai is not a very crowded place so you could thoroughly enjoy the pristine nature and the peaceful vibe of a hill station. Trekking and long mountain walks is an experience second to none.

Ideal time to visit Meghamalai

The month of September to May is the ideal time to visit Maghamalai. It is pleasantly cool and refreshing this part of the year.

How to reach Meghamalai

Roads are not very proper and buses that take you to Megamalai are few. You could reach Meghamalai from Theni via Chinnamanoor or from Andipatti via Kandamanayakkanur. Both Theni and Andipatti are well connected from the districts of Madurai and Dindigul.
The nearest rail heads are at Dindigul, Kodairoad and Madurai. The nearest airport is at Madurai (130 kilometres), Trichy (190 kilometres) and Coimbatore (290 kilometres).