Marundeeswarar Temple, Chennai

Marundeeswarar Temple is located at Thiruvanmiyur in Chennai. The main deities in this temple are Lord Shiva and Parvathi. Goddess Parvathi is known as Chokkanayaki and Tripurasundari (Real beauty).

Lord Shiva here is known as Marundeeswarar (Marundhu means medicine, Eswarar means lingam or Shiva). As the name itself suggests, this temple is very famous for its curative properties and devotees visit the temple to get cured of many ailments. Lingam is in pure white color and looks extremely peaceful to pray.

Marundeeswarar temple is located just adjacent to Thiruvanmiyur beach and the latest renovation of the temple happened in the year 2008. Filling an area of 1acre land, the temple has 7 gateway towers and also a huge tank.

Historically, It is said that prominent sage Valmiki was told by “Markandeya” to go in search of a divine voice (Asariri). If he wishes to attain the abode of God. As Valmiki moved around in the forests, he heard a voice and started worshipping Lord Shiva and gave away his life then and there. As per the orders of Lord Shiva, the place was named after Valmiki as Vanmiyur that later became “Thiruvanmiyur”. There is a separate street in Thiruvanmiyur by the name ‘Valmiki Nagar’.