Marina Beach, Chennai

Marina Beach, Chennai

Well, to be at peace one must go to Marina Beach.

It is Country’s longest beach and World’s second longest beach with a distance of 6.45kms, that runs from St. George fort towards the south.

Fishing is legally prohibited here.

In the day it may be sunny during the summer season, but in the evening, this place is to die for. A heavenly place one must surely visit.

One can see a lot of stalls, many children playing and small vendors selling toys; edibles etc to fill your tummy too.

This beach attracts 30 to 40 thousand tourists on a yearly basis apart from the local residents of Chennai. It is a prominent place and many events take place here.

Most significant “Jallikattu” protest took place at Marina and that gained worldwide attention. After this event, politicians have started using this place exclusively for protests.

Another prominent event is the Annual immersion of Ganesha that happens here during the Vinayaga Chathurthi festival.