Mahalingapuram Sree Ayyappa Temple

Mahalingapuram Sree Ayyappa Temple perhaps one of the cleanest and best temple complex where you have Sri Guruvayoorappan and Lord Ganapathy along with all the other deities closely resembling the actual panchaloha idol of Lord Ayyappa at Sabarimala. This temple gets lots of devotees especially during the pilgrimage season who do the rituals before proceeding on a pilgrimage to Sabarimala temple. It has been a pleasant temple where one can find peace. It is a lovely place for spirituality.

Temple is very clean and well maintained. Pooja Chanda melam makes our mind so relaxed, feels very close to the lord. This temple is situated near to Kodampakkam bridge and Nungambakkam highway, have very easy access from the road. The architecture of the building is similar to Kerala traditional temple and follows the same rituals spreads positive energy all over. It is one of the must-visit and truly a divine place in Chennai.