Madhya Kailash Temple – Chennai

Madhya Kailash is an important landmark in Chennai in Adyar. This is located at the junction of Tidel park road and the Sardar Patel road. The main deity of the temple is Lord Ganesha. It is also called Nadukkayilai.

This temple is famous for Adhyantha Prabhu, which is a part of God Ganapathy and God Anjaneya. The right side is Ganesh and the left Hanuman. The idol was crafted after a vision of such a form was seen by one of the temple officials. Other sanctums are Lord Suryanarayana, Shiva, Anjaneya, Swarna Bhairavar and few more.

In the afternoons, the priest offers rice to Lord Vishnu, made into a ball taken to God Surya shrine and offered to the crows. Another popular feature of this temple is, on Vinayaka Chathurthi day, sun falls on the deity showing an auspicious note, where the 8 bells, SA RI GA MA PA DA NI SA are played.

In Maharashtrian style, one can light the camphor to this deity himself, giving a great sense of satisfaction. Lord Vinayaka himself takes on the onus of propitiating the ancestors. In the earlier days, this place was famous for performing poojas for new vehicles.

The temple open timings are 6:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 4:30 PM – 9:00 PM. This is a small but elegant temple. It is possibly around 30 years old.

With so much of traffic and noise in the junction, it is surprising that there is no noise inside the temple. It always gives thought to Revisit again. This temple has enough parking space near the entrance. There are Pooja items shops nearby. It is a calm place to evoke one’s inner self a lot. A lovely temple, floated on the prime city of Chennai, a must-visit temple too.