Kalvarayan Hills – Viluppuram

Location & Features of Kalvarayan Hills

Nestled in the quiet solitude of the Eastern Ghats in Tamil Nadu, around 150 kilometres northwest of Chidambaram, is the picturesque Kalvarayan Hills.

The Kalvarayan Hills extend over an area of 1095 square kilometres. The hills separate the Kaveri river basin to the south from the Palar river basin to the north. The Kalvarayan is divided into two sections – the Chinna Kalvarayan (average 2700 feet in height) constituting the northern section and the Periya Kalvarayan (average 4000 feet in height) constituting the southern section.

The hills are filled with scrub jungles, deciduous forests and Sholas. Gomukhi Dam is the reservoir that holds water from falls in and around Kalvarayan Hills. The climate around the area is mostly temperate making it a peaceful place ideal for trekking.

The Kalvarayan Hills is home to the Malayalee Gounder tribe. The hill ranges have two waterfalls (Megam and Periyar Falls), a beautiful botanical garden, several temples and forests. Summer festival is held in the month of May every year.

How to reach Kalvarayan Hills

The nearest cities to Kalrayan Hills are Kallakurichi (about 56 kilometres away) and Salem (about 70 kilometres away). Buses can be availed from Kallakurichi to Gecherapalayam – a place in the ground level of Kalrayan Hills. Villupuram Station is the nearest railway station which connects the place to Chennai and Pondicherry. Trichy Airport is the nearest airport to the hills (175 kilometres away).


Unwind the roads less travelled and have an enthralling experience at the Kalvarayan Hills.