Government Museum – Pudukkottai

Government Museum – Pudukkottai

The Government Museum located in Thirugokarnam in Pudukkottai District was started in the year 1910 and was undertaken by the Government in the year 1950. The Museum has different sections that cover Zoology, Geology, History, Archaeology, Anthropology, Paintings and Sculptures.

The museum has a total of 18 galleries exhibiting some of the rare artefacts and antiques.

Interesting Facts about the Museum

Each of the section in the museum offers a galore of artefacts and inscriptions for tourists to explore.
The Ethnology section exhibits a fine collection of arms, armours and musical instruments.The Archaeological section has a collection of rare relics and artefacts propounding historical insights. Collection of sculptures and illustration of prominent monuments of the city also form a part of the gallery.The Numismatic gallery has a rare collection of Indian coins.Other galleries of the museum include natural history, economic, reference library, arts and industries.
The galleries in the museum also house some glorious arts and artefacts, rare bronze and stone sculptures and various historical paintings.
Other highlighting features of the museum are the exhibits of embalmed wildlife creatures which is a must watch for kids. The exhibits include that of:

  • Monitor Lizards – The specimens of the most commonly found variety of monitor lizards found in India, the Indian monitor, is exhibited here.
  • Tyrannosaurus – A working model of Tyrannosaurus that lived around 66-68 million years ago is displayed in the museum.
  • Stone Sculpture of Arthanareeswarar – Arthanareeswarar is a half male, half female depiction of Lord Shiva with his wife Goddess Parvathi.
  • Mollusks are soft bodied animals usually with a protective outer shell into which they withdraw themselves.
  • Arthropods include a majority of known species of animals. They include crabs, shrimps, insects, lobsters, spiders, millipedes and centipedes.
  • Falconiformes Birds of Prey form a part of the carnivorous group of animals with strong beaks and feet with powerful claws.
  • Saw Fishes have distinct features such as saw-shaped prolongation of the snout bearing tooth like projections.
  • Flamingos are commonly found in Vedaranyam, Ran of Cutch and Pulicat.

This Government Museum is the second largest museum in Tamil Nadu and is a must see attraction site for history buffs, school kids and tourists alike.

Timings of Pudukkottai Government Museum:

The museum is open on all days except on Fridays and National Holidays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Entrance Fee of Pudukkottai Government Museum:

Visitors are charged a nominal entrance fee of Rs. 5 per head for adults and Rs. 3 per child.

How to reach Pudukkottai Government Museum:

The Government Museum is located very close to Pudukkottai New Bus Station (2.7 kilometres away) and Pudukkottai Railway Station (3.2 kilometres away). The nearest airport to the Museum is at Trichy (around 45 kilometres from Pudukkottai town).