Fort St. George Museum, Fort Museum, Chennai

Fort St. George Museum, Fort Museum, Chennai

Fort St. George Museum is one of the most famous museums in the city of Chennai. It was opened to the public from 31st January 1948.

Fort museum is home to a massive collection of around 3661 antique items. It depicts artifacts of different ages of modern Indian history. A treasure trove of a collection in this museum is spread across three floors and divided into 10 galleries. It displays interesting military memorable weapons and artwork from colonial times.

We can find various arms like rifles and pistols, mortars, petard, cannon shots, breastplates, swords, daggers, helmets, baton, bow, and arrow. This museum also displays pieces of shells fired during the World Wars. Everything related to the army is displayed in this museum. We can find the uniforms of various ranks of the British Army, the ceremonial dresses of Madras Governor’s Bodyguards and the Under Secretary of Madras Government, cushions used in the official investiture ceremony, 64 medals and medallions issued by the British Government for honoring its soldiers in various battles and also regimental colors of various units.

Among the most popular collections here are the depictions of two sons of Tipu Sultan as prisoners and paintings exhibiting constructions and renovation works that were carried out in ancient times. At the entrance, the information center, ticket counter and a help desk for physically challenged visitors with facilities like touch screen, audio guide, Braille brochure, wheelchair etc are made available.

An open-air kids gallery is in the rampart garden in front of the main entrance with a life-size cannon model along with its working mechanism and a life-size talking cannon model where the children are allowed to touch and learn. A small library with books related to the freedom movement in India is also available for the visitors.