Famous Foods in Madurai

Famous Foods in Madurai, Cuisines in Madurai

Madurai is really famous for its eateries mainly Non-veg as most of the Maduraites are Non-vegetarians. The non-veg cuisine takes various forms mainly at Madurai and later the recipe spreads all over.

The special foods can be listed as follows:

Madurai Jigarthanda

Madurai Jigarthanda is a coolant that one should never miss drinking at Madurai. It is believed that the Muslim rulers were the ones who introduced this drink during their reign. But, now, Madurai has become popular for the same. It is a drink that has various mixes of Nannari syrup, Vanilla essence, ice cream that is handmade, thick condensed milk etc. The drink is heavy and is filling too. Maybe, after tasting this drink, you can never stop at one.

  • The first thing Madurai is famous for its soft idlies and its taste that is to die for. Rice mixed with urud lentils in a certain proportion yields soft idlies. Chutney and sambar goes well with these idlies.
  • Dosa roast is something that anyone will love to have. Same idly batter is used to make these roasts. Rava masala roast is another type of dosa that is prepared by mixing rava, rice, and urud proportionately.
  • The lunch Thali offered with a variety of dishes is totally filling and tasty too. Two curries, papad, aviyal, rasam, sambhar, curd rice, sweet, pickle etc are served in the thali. The spread is big and maybe you need two tummies to eat all of them.
  • Non-vegetarian dishes like Mutton Biriyani, Chicken biriyani, Mutton Kola Urundai, egg curry, prawn fries, Mutton chukka, Mutton brain fry, Mutton leg soup, etc are totally in demand among the Non-Veg lovers. These are truly mouth watering and you must really be hungry to relish each one of them at the hotels.
  • Kalkandu Saddam and Kalkandu pal are two other famous recipes based out of Madurai. Kalkandu means sugar crystals those are bigger than the normal sugar that we use on a daily basis. These crystals are used to prepare a dessert called Kalkandu Saddam (Kalkandu rice). Cold milk is mixed with Kalkandu and served which is heavenly to drink.
  • Then last but not least parathas, made out of Maida are popular. Kothu parotta, veechu parotta are the varieties that you can get at any eateries, especially roadside ones.