Ervadi Dargah

Ervadi Village in Kilakkarai Taluk of Ramanathapuram District is the location of the grave and shrine of Qutb Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed Badusha, the then ruler of Madinah Al Munawwara.

The Journey of Shaheed Badusha

Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed is an 18th generation descendant of the Islamic prophet Mohammad. He was the king of Madinah when he began his journey to India in the early 12th century to spread Islam according to Muhammad’s wish. He had many followers from all over the Islamic community.

With an ultimare aim to spread Islam following the orders of his hereditary grandfather Muhammad, Shaheed Badusha started from Madina with his entire family. After encountering many difficulties while travelling by sea and through the forests on his way to India, Shaheed Badusha entered Kannanur in Kerala. Travelling via Kayalpattinam and Vaippar, he finally reached Bouthiramanickapattinam, now called Erwadi.

Shaheed Badshah, in his attempt to spread Islamic teachings, waged war against the Pandya ruler Thiru Pandian in Madurai and Vikrama Pandyan in Bouthiramanickapattinam. He won the battles, ruled the province for twelve years and spread Islam all over south Tamil Nadu.

The Erwadi Dargah

The main shrine in Ervadi is the holiest place in Tamil Nadu because it is mixed with the soil of Madinah. The graves of Emperor Sulthan Ibrahim Shaheed Badusha along with his kith and kin are found in the main Dargah campus. The Dargah premises also houses the holy graves of other important Shahudaas and in-laws of Badusha Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed. The main Dargah campus has a big mosque that can accommodate 10,000 pilgrims for every prayer-service.

The big hall of the shrine of Sulthan Syed IbrahimShaheed was constructed by Eiatibar Khan. The flag throne situated south of the main entrance of the Dargah is built surrounding the grave of Begum, wife of Eiatbar Khan. The main Dargah has three entrances.

The minaret of the mosque, around 250 feet, is a mammoth structure that adds to the impressive appearance of the Dargah. It also acts as a virtual lighthouse to the fisherman in Ervadi and the adjacent villages.

Urus Festival

The grand Urus Festival (Santhanakoodu Festival) of Erwadi Dargah is held every year in the Islamic month of Dhu al-Qi’Dah commemorating the shahadat anniversary of Qutb Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed Badusha. The festival starts on 1st of Zul Qaida and ends on the 30th of Zul Qaida of every Hijri year.

This festival is celebrated by Hindus and Muslims as a mark of the religious harmony in Tamil Nadu. Millions of devotees throng the Dargah during the festival. It is also believed that people with satanic illness get cured after visiting the Ervadi Dargah.

How to reach Ervadi Dargah

Erwadi is well connected through road with all parts of Tamil Nadu. Frequent buses ply from Ramanathapuram to Ervadi. Ramanathapuram railway station (around 27 kilometres away) is the nearest station to Ervadi. Thoothukudi Airport (around 123 kilometres away) is the nearest airport from Ervadi Dargah.