Chitrangudi Bird Sanctuary


Chitrangudi Bird Sanctuary is a part of Chitrangudi village in Ramanathapuram District. It is a 4763 sq km protected declared as a sanctuary in the year 1989.

This sanctuary is adjacent to Kanjirankulam Bird Sanctuary and is also known by the name ‘Chitrangudi Kanmoli’. The sanctuary lies within the community tank embankment and its immediate water holding channel, measuring approximately 15 metres from the bottom of the embarkment.

Fauna of Chitrangudi Sanctuary

This beautiful crescent shaped sanctuary attracts a host of migratory birds in winter. The place offers notable diversity in nestling and feeding behaviours and hence is a preferred nestling site for colonial birds and heronry species. Between October and February is the perfect time to spot the colourful winged creatures that flock the sanctuary from distant lands. The fauna population consists of Spot Billed Pelican, Open Billed Stork, Little and Large Egret and Purple heron.

Flora of Chitrangudi Sanctuary

The sanctuary is also rich in fauna with its distinctive feature being the prominent spread of Babul trees. Chitrangudi landscape is a predominantly dry deciduous forest with grassy trees. Some of the other trees such as that of Tamarind, Silk, Fig, Neem, Palmyra and drumsticks and medicinal plants can also be found in the area.


Chitrangudi Bird Sanctuary is open year-round and is a perfect weekend getaway to immerse oneself in the beauty of nature. Bird watching and refreshing nature walks are the best way to enjoy one’s time at the sanctuary.

Accommodation facilities are available at PWD Guest House at Mudukalathur (around 10 kilometres away), the Forest Rest House at Sayalgudi and Paramakudi

How to reach Chitrangudi Bird Sanctuary

Chitrangudi Bird Sanctuary can be reached by road from Mudukalathur (4 kilometres), Sayalgudi (12 kilometres), Ramanathapuram (45 kilometres) and Madurai (120 kilometres). The nearest railway station to the sanctuary is at Paramakudi (around 34 kilometres away) and nearest airport is at Madurai (around 96 kilometres away).