Athisayam Theme Park Madurai

The Athisayam Theme Park is the one and only theme park that is present in Madurai. This place is very easy to reach from the center of Madurai as it is just 12 kms away from Madurai.

Athisayam means ‘Wonder’. As the name suggests, this place is a wonderful place and best suited to visit with both family and friends. Established in the year 2000, Athisayam has been entertaining people with its water rides and dry park.

The water rides are thrilling and to name a few: entrance shower, Madurai Cutrallam, umbrella slide, free fall fast etc are there for you to enjoy. Dry park includes super trooper, swing chair, baby crazy river, merry go round, sun, and moon etc.

Madurai Coutrallam is the specialty of this place. It is an artificial waterfall that replicates Cutrallam with water falling from 55ft high. Play stations, separate game zones, etc. are there as kids attractions where kids have a gala time.

It has restaurants and food outlets so that you don’t have to carry food nor go hungry.

Entry fees for the adults are Rs.800, Entry fees for the children is Rs.500. The park opens for the public at 10 AM every day.

This place should be a priority on your places to visit list when you are here at Madurai.

Athisayam Theme Park Website:

Official website of Athisayam Theme Park: Athisayam Theme Park