Amir Mahal, Chennai

Amir Mahal is one of the greatest attraction in Chennai. The Amir Mahal was constructed in 1798 by the British East India Company to house administrative offices of the company. Robert Chrisholm was given the task of converting the office building into a palace. In 1876, the Nawab moved in with his family into the Amir Mahal. The mahal has since been the residence of the Nawabs of Arcot. Nawab of Arcot used to live here along with his family. It is located in the Royapettah.

The living style of this residency is different from other posh houses/Mahal. Prince of Arcot is very friendly with the supremacy. Not only visitors visit this oldest Palace of Tamilnadu but a number of leaders, Presidents, and many other celebrities also love to visit here. Amir Mahal is one of the oldest and most attractive palaces to visit in Tamilnadu. Amir Mahal was constructed in Indo-Saracenic style. It has been the residence of the family since 1876.

The Nawab’s successor, Mohammad Abdul Ali, and his three brothers still live in the palace with their families. It also has a mini-cricket ground which is currently being renovated by the government. With the end of Nawabship, supremacy took the prime residence of Nawab’s which is Chepauk palace, Marina. Kals Mahal is established in an area of 121-acre land. Presently, this Palace is used as a Public Work Department offices.

Rajivji’s grandfather, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, had also visited Amir Mahal twice, as Prime Minister of India, in 1955 and 1963. World standards, extraordinary architecture, innovative layouts, and well-thought execution make this place a highly coveted point of tourist interest. Do not forget to carry your camera and capture special moments. Amir Mahal is a sure way to refresh and relax after a busy weekday. Explore interesting themes, fabulous designs, colorful landscapes, amusing characters, ambient music, props.