Top Slip, Parambikulam

Top Slip is a place located in Palakkad district. It has a mixed review from people.

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

From the check post to top slip takes around 45 min. There is a forest office which manages the safari into the forest. You have to pay Rs. 200 per head for a Three-hours safari in a back-breaking, rundown vehicle. We should wait for safari pickup. There are a canteen and eco shop which are useful during the waiting time.

Private vehicles are allowed inside with prior approval from the forest department and you can see few elephants, bison, deer, wild boars, monkeys etc.

This place is more greenish and best for Natural Sightseeing. but not able to spot more animals. To enjoy climate and nature we can visit Topslip Tiger Forest.

Tigers are not seen here as they are very rare. You can take your binoculars along for a good view of animals from a distance.

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