Popular Festivals of Madurai

Festivals are always special anywhere and they can change the mood and atmosphere to bring happiness. It also brings relations, friends, together to celebrate the occasion. Madurai is no exception for celebrations.


Pongal, the harvest festival is celebrated in a grand manner at Madurai. They are celebrated for three long days. Thanking Sun, rain, and farmers for a good harvest is all about celebrating Pongal. The first day is called Bhogi where the old clothes and items are discarded. The houses are painted too. The second day is the main festival. Pongal is prepared in every house and served to God with Prayers. The third day is known as the Maattu Pongal. Cows are given respect and Gho pooja is done on that day.


Jallikattu is a game that shows the bravery of men in taming a bull. This is a sport of Tamil Nadu which is conducted during the Pongal season.

Chitirai Festival

Chitirai Festival is celebrated during the April/May months of English calendar. This festival signifies the Marriage of Goddess Meenakshi to Lord Sundareswarar. Lord Sundareswarar is riding back on a horse from Azhagar Kovil in the form of a Golden Idol to get him Married to the Goddess. It is a 10 long day festival.

Dance Festival

Dance Festival is celebrated at Madurai which is quite special. Organised by the Tamil Nadu Tourism department, the festival features dance forms from various places and participants participate from all over bringing in a good amount of crowd.


Avanimoolam is a festival mainly to know more about Lord Shiva. Upanyasams (Leelas) are done to recite the 64 miracles that Lord Shiva performed to save the city from destruction. It marks the coronation of Lord Sundareswara and this festival is celebrated at the sundareswarar temple, Madurai.