Parks in Madurai

The parks for recreation at Madurai are as follows:-

Rajaji Park

The best place to be with family and friends as a pass time. It is located at about 2kms from the central bus stand close to the corporation office of Madurai.

Kids have a lot of things to get engaged. You can also get some eateries at the park. It is open from 10 AM to 8 PM on all days of the week.

Entry free is extremely cheap. For adults, it is Rs.2/- and for children below three, it is free of cost. So, do visit the place.

Sit amongst the trees. Breath in the fresh air, stay away from commotion for a little while and enjoy.

Eco Park, Madurai

The park is situated on the western side of Anna Maligai at Madurai. It is a big park consuming an area of around 5.5 acres of land.

The park houses a variety of trees and plants. Out of the number of trees present here, 124 types of herbal trees are present.

Four types of fiber illuminated types of trees are the best attractions other than the artificial fountain that is 110 feet tall. The Eco park was developed by Madurai Corporation and is being maintained by the same from the beginning.

The public is charged a nominal entry fee to enjoy the place thoroughly. Go and see for yourself and be at peace on the bed of Nature.

Other Parks in Madurai

The other parks those can be visited at Madurai are:

Viswanathapuram Park, Kannadhasan Park, Barathiyar Children’s Park, Amma children’s Park etc.