Coimbatore Tourism

If you need to know a heavenly place on this earth, then that is Coimbatore for you. Located on the banks of the Noyyal river, Coimbatore is filled with people who can give respect to even the smallest baby on earth.

Every time you speak to a native of this place, you will feel truly respected. Being the largest city of Kongunadu region and the fastest growing secondary cities of India, it has become a major place for IT industries, textiles, education, commerce etc. Cotton mills and textiles are the specialties of Kovai (lovingly called so by people) and hence it is called as the “Manchester of South India”.

Also, It is the topmost suppliers of pump sets and motors in India and hence it is called as the “Pump City”. Jewellery exports, wet grinders exports, auto parts exports etc happen majorly from Coimbatore. Apart from all of these, it is the best place to reside at after your retirement peacefully. Be it monsoon, temples, hotels etc, everything is enjoyable at Kovai.