Thiruvanmiyur beach is one of the famous beaches in South Chennai. Thiruvanmiyur is very close to the IT-Hub.

Main factor in this beach is more cleanliness. The local community people are involved in cleanup the beach.

It’s a pleasant & clean beach to go with family & kids. Kids will love to play there in the sand. Not suitable for swimming.

Foodies can enjoy the many food vendors and local food stalls around Thiruvanmiyur Beach. There are many fish stalls spots the area where you can enjoy freshly prepared seafood like fried fish, prawn..etc.

Many guest houses, lodges and resorts are close by on this beach.

This beach was less crowded beach when compared to Besant Nagar beach, Marina Beach and all.

The Nearby Thiruvanmiyur Beach is the popular Marundeeswarar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. You could also visit Kalakshetra which is world famous for dance school and handicrafts.

Ucchi Pillayar Temple is a temple that is quite popular among people and was built during the 7th century.

It is located at Tiruchirapalli on a rock that is 273 ft high from the ground. There are two temples located on the rock. One is Vinayaga temple and the other temple is Shiva temple. The temple is maintained by the Archaeological department of India because of its architectural specialty and its ancient look.

Mythologically, after the war of Ramayana epic, Rama gave an Idol of Ranganathar to Vibhishana which was not liked by the devas. So, Vinayagar came to their rescue, and when Vibhishana went to the river for a bath, he kept the idol of Ranganathan on the banks of the river and the idol could not be removed as it was not supposed to be kept down. Hence, out of anger, Vibhishana chased Vinayagar who had come there in disguise of a small boy.

Ganesha ran up the rock and Vibhishana hit hard on his head and the mark can still be seen. Then Lord Ganesha gave him Darshan and explained that Lord Ranganathan was destined to be there and he too stayed there on top of the rock.

Lord Shiva is known as Thayumanavar here. It means “one who became a mother too”. Married couples come here and pray for children and once they are blessed, they come here with their babies and offer their prayers. When you visit Trichy, do visit this temple and get blessed.

The timings of Uchchippillaiyaar Temple is from Morning 06.00 A.M To Evening 08.00 P.M and the timings of Thayumanavar Swamy Temple is Morning 06.00 A.M To 12.00 P.M and Evening 04.00 P.M To 08.00 P.M

Bahram Jung Mosque is located in the nearby locality of Nandanam area in Chennai. In between the years, 1789 and 1795, Muhammad Abdulla Qadir Nawaz Khan Bahadur Baharam Jung, built this Mosque when he was a poet at in a court of Muhammad Ali Khan Wallajah, the Nawab of Carnatic.