Velliangiri Hills temple is located 40kms away from Coimbatore and is a whopping height of 6000ft. This hill temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Since, mythologically, Shiva roamed around the hills and hence it is called as Kailash mountain on earth. It is believed that Lord Shiva could not come on time to marry Goddess Parvathi because of the trick played by the people of the mountains.

So, Parvati was angry and stood as it is and now she is known as Kanyakumari. Lord Shiva can be seen on the top of the hill. A very popular spot at Kovai.

Make sure you visit the place when you are in Coimbatore. Trekking is not easy here. You have a proper plan and timing for trekking.

Naga Sai temple is located on Mettupalayam road, Kuppakkonam Pudur, Coimbatore. The temple is mainly dedicated to Shri Shirdi Sai Baba, who is renownedly known as the Indian Spiritual Guru.

Naga Sai Temple was established in the year 1942 and the marble statue of Shri Shirdi Baba was installed by Sri Sathya Sai Baba in the year 1961, who is believed to be the reincarnation of Shirdi Sai Baba himself.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba installed the Marble deity for the very first time here. Mythologically, it is believed that a snake (Nagam) aroused out of the bush to see Shirdi Sai Baba when he gave darshan to his devotees. Hence, this temple got the name Naga Sai temple.

Ranganathan Swamy temple is located at Karamadai, Coimbatore on the Coimbatore-Mettupalayam highway about (23kms) and is about 2000 years old temple.

Also known as Aranganathar Swamy, the main deity here is Lord Vishnu in the name of Ranganathar and Goddess Lakshmi is in name of Ranganayaki.

It is believed that decades back, a man from the thottiyyar’s tribe followed a cow to the woods that refused to give milk for a few days.

The cow was seen shedding its milk on a stone. In a fit of rage, the man struck the stone with a cane and blood started oozing out. Then, as per the Asariri (Godly Voice), a temple was erected there.

Ashtamsa Sri Varada Anjaneya Temple is located at Peelamedu, Coimbatore on the Avinashi Road and is about 500 years old. A very prominent temple because of its divinity and special features.

Here, Anjaneyar or Hanuman is the main deity and is a very promising God. On his Palm resides Goddess Lakshmi, who promises wealth for her devotees.

Anjaneya is facing towards the west and assures health, thus curing any disease, his legs are towards the south, meaning fear of death is removed out of devotees. The tail is in full form towards the north representing Kubera, that can make the devotees wealthy.

The idol is made out of Salagrama stone. The deity can be seen in different avatars on a daily basis. This temple is a place for everything that a devotee would seek in the Lord.

Open on all the days, Anjaneya can push off all the problems out of your lives.

Eachanari Vinayagar Temple is mainly dedicated to the first and foremost lord of the Hindu religion ie; Lord Ganesha.

The temple is located at Eachanari, 12kms away from Coimbatore, on the Pollachi highway road. The deity was intended to be moved from Madurai and to be placed at Perur, Pateeswarar temple. But, the vehicle broke down and Lord Ganesha stayed at Eachanari.

Hence, a temple was built there making him the main deity. It the most ancient temples of Coimbatore and Lord Ganesha is 6 ft high and 3ft huge diameter wise.

This temple has a website where you can get exclusive information about the temple and make your donations as well.

Free marriages are conducted in the temple for people who are financially backward. This temple is open on all the days of the week and darshan is free of cost.

This temple is also known as the Perur Pateeswarar Temple since the Deity here is known by the name Pateeswarar.

Located at Perur, towards the west of Noyyal river, it was built centuries back by Karikala Cholan.

Known for its architectural beauty, the Lord in this temple was patronized by Arunagirinathar and Kachiappa Munivar.

Here, the deities are known as Pateeswarar and Pachai Nayaki. Inside the temple, you can see the Golden Idol of Natarajar and figures of the Indian soldiers have been inscribed.

It is open on all the days of the week and darshan is free of cost. The temple is for sure divinity personified and most importantly, Lord Siva is said to be self-emerged (Swayambu).

This temple is located about 15kms away towards the north west direction of Coimbatore city. The main deity here is Lord Muruga.

It is as high as 500 ft from the ground on the western ghats. The vibrations and the positive energy felt in this temple, makes people repeat their visits quite often. This Hillock temple is called as the 7th house of Lord Muruga.

Near the foothill, there is a temple for Pillayar known as the “Thaan thondri Vinaayakar”. There is a cave referred to as “Paambaatti Sitthar Kugai” dedicated to a Sitthar who lived here.

Apart from all these, medicinal herbs are grown here on the hill and those are being used in Ayurvedic medicines. It is open throughout the week with no ticket charges for darshan.