Famous Foods in Chennai

Food in Chennai, Cuisines in Chennai First and foremost is the aromatic Filter coffee that wakes you up in the morning. Idly, known as the Indian Pancake is the South Indian specialty that one must try for breakfast. Eat idlis, feel light and safe too. Masala Dosa is a delicacy to die for. Mouth watering […]

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Famous Foods in Madurai

Food in Madurai, Cuisines in Madurai Madurai is really famous for its eateries mainly Non-veg as most of the Maduraites are Non-vegetarians. The non-veg cuisine takes various forms mainly at Madurai and later the recipe spreads all over. The special foods can be listed as follows: Madurai Jigarthanda Madurai Jigarthanda is a coolant that one […]

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Famous Foods in Salem

Food in Salem, Cuisines in Salem Salem Thattu Vadai Set The first dish that comes to one’s mind is the Thattu vadai set when you are at Salem. It is a very famous street snack available at almost every small stall set up on the streets of Salem. A vadai or thattai is served like […]

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